Mardi Gras Spectators Angered Over Blackface Figurines Thrown During Parade

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Christy's Euro Pub had a Mardi Gras menu and Abita Tap Takeover for Fat Tuesday.

So if you were looking to close out the Mardi Gras season with a bang, or get ready for Lent, you don't have to look far to do it.

Washington says no other information was available at this time. The city has installed about 200 filter contraptions made of metal grates and orange sandbags along parade routes to catch the bead necklaces before they become a mass of plastic waste.

A participant in the Red Beans and Rice Mardi Gras Parade walks through New Orleans, Feb. 27 2017 in preparation for fat Tuesday. She says she chose to forego a short skirt because it's cold. Another, a juvenile boy, was shot in the leg and is in stable condition.

Who organizes and pays for Mardi Gras?

Michael Harrison said some people stepped in to try to break up a fight and shots were fired with one man being shot twice before being rushed to the hospital. His condition is unknown. Argus was followed by Elks Jefferson and Jefferson Trucks.

Tuesday's forecast was for cloudy skies, temperatures in the 60s (15 Celsius), and a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms.

Rex is New Orleans' oldest parading Carnival group.

"On Mardi Gras morning, our middle school students come into the school and they are laden with the beads they have collected from years past so we know that it means something to them", Price said.