Fortnite: Battle Royale is Temporarily Removing A Weapon

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The announcement also included the news that players will start to see some weapons removed from the game whilst new ones continue to be added. Currently, the developer is working toward more balanced matchmaking, shorter load times, and, simply, better visuals whether they come in the form of better graphics or better gear.

"We've been using multiple data points (including your feedback) to iterate our existing LTM's and to build brand new LTM's", Epic said. "We are planning to quickly spin up a dozen or so LTMs, some of these may be more straightforward (e.g. along the lines of Sniper Shootout, Sneaky Silencer etc.)", the game developer said.

Epic Games has announced that a weapon will be removed from Fortnite: Battle Royale in a future update and head to the 'Vault'.

Upcoming modes in the game could be a new version of 50-versus-50 - dubbed 50v50 v2, somewhat similar to the in-engine trailer, notes Polygon. The weapon would be removed from the PC, PS4 and Xbox One for the time being. Significant changes can be found in player count, which is significantly smaller than many other genre mainstays, and in the way you enter the map - players choose a starting location and arrive on the ground, rather than parachuting in.

Gameplay-wise, Epic Games says: "We're continuing to prototype new weapons and consumables, and will roll them out as they're ready".

This will enable them to manage the weapon pool and ensure that there is not an overflow of options within the game.

Effectively, the SMG will be gone completely from the game, though it will return in the future.

"As we add more weapons, consumables, and other item types, we want to make sure that the balance of itemization isn't ruined", an Epic rep explained. The team is also changing the way that audio works: instead of hearing sounds in your headset based on where the camera is looking, you'll hear based on the direction your character is facing (apparently players were confused about the sounds of chests dipping in and out as they swung the camera round). However, there is no information about what this new method is.