The US government shuts down for the second time in 2018

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That is likely the case, but the only shot the DACA proponents have is to pass the bill out of the Senate and apply pressure to Ryan to bring it to the House floor.

The 71-to-28 Senate vote, which took place just before 2 a.m., capped a topsy-turvy day that featured filibuster threats, fuming congressional leaders, and frenzied vote counting.

The 240-186 vote came in the pre-dawn hours, putting to bed a five-and-a-half hour federal freeze that relatively few would notice. He urged Americans to vote for more Republicans in 2018.

Under Senate rules, Paul had to relent at 1 a.m. Friday, when Senate leaders won a motion to take up the bill and then ushered it toward final passage. "And, you know, as much as we've wanted certainty for the military, there have been a number of their members that wanted it as well, and we found that we were able to give them that".

What's more, Republicans in reality have not lived up to the mantra of fiscal responsibility for a long time.

He also remarked on how Republicans struggled to wrangle their party for votes, requiring them to compromise with Democrats.

"We have Republicans hand-in-hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits", Paul said on the Senate floor Thursday night.

Paul objected to the fact that deal would result in a significant increase in the federal budget deficit without any corresponding cuts to spending.

"No. I didn't want them to shut down at all". "My intention has never been to shut down government, but my intention is also not to keep it open and borrowing a million dollars a minute". "This is reckless spending that is out of control".

But some House Republican conservatives, like Paul, have criticised the bill's deficit spending.

The Senate has passed a massive, bipartisan budget agreement and spending bill to reopen the shuttered federal government.

Paul said during his marathon speech, which strained fellow senators' patience, that the two-year budget deal would "loot the Treasury". "Why reward bad behavior?" asked Cornyn.

But other Pelican State Republicans pointed to the other side of the ledger in ripping it. "It's a colossal waste of time", Senator John Thune vented.

The deal provides funding for several healthcare programs, but doesn't include language to protect so-called dreamers, young immigrants who were brought to the country by their parents without proper documentation.

House Democrats left a closed-door meeting on Thursday deeply divided over a path forward.

Paul, a fiscal conservative, used procedural tactics to block the Senate from voting on the bill before the midnight deadline.

If the House acts before daybreak to approve the package from the Senate, there would be no practical interruption in federal government business.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she would oppose the deal because it does not include protections for the Dreamers, young undocumented migrants brought to the U.S. as children. But Mr Trump ended the programme last September, setting March 5 as a deadline for resolving the issue.

House Democratic leaders opposed the measure - arguing it should resolve the plight of Dreamers - but not with all their might.

For all of Trump's outbursts, cheers for a shutdown and determination that an egregious immigration bill be tied to the budget, Mitch McConnell ultimately ignored him.

The House could be called into session at any moment.