UFC 221: Curtis Blaydes ready to be the 'bad guy'

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Hunt to his knees and stands again and nearly breaks free, but Blaydes drags him down again.

Blaydes fakes a jab and ducks into a takedown, landing it nicely.

The action kicks off at around 7am local time (10am AEDT) on Sunday, with Blaydes and Hunt set to fight at around midday local time. An uppercut lands for Blaydes inside the pocket and hunt is trying to choose his shots carefully and circles around.

Curtis Blaydes, left, fights Daniel Omielanczuk at UFC 213 last July.

Blaydes" victory "Down Under' was by far the biggest of his career as he knocked off MMA veteran Mark Hunt. Blaydes is very wobbly. Hunt hammers him again and Blaydes is struggling to survive here as his legs buckle under him. Eventually Hunt was able to get Blaydes out of mount and get back to his feet. Blaydes is busted open but is dropping down ground-and-pound from the top. He went to mount and attacked the right arm, but the submission wasn't there.

Blaydes goes right in on the takedown as the round starts. Hunt was able to separate.

"I don't care if they boo me, I don't care if they hate me, I don't care if they love me". Blaydes has a takedown attempt stuffed. Much of the round was spent like this, with Hunt getting back up and Blaydes taking him back down over and over again. He dropped elbows down and kept the pressure on. Some heavy ground-and-pound from Blaydes now as he postures up. Nothing doing though and so Blaydes ends the round on top.

But Blaydes popped back up and picked up a big defensive takedown. Right hands for Blaydes and then a big elbow as Hunt tries to find the room to escape.

Hunt sensed blood and began to tee off on his opponent, who was in desperation mode and eager to bring the fight back to the canvas. He gets to his feet and is once again thrown down. Hunt in a tough spot here, but he's doing what he can to try to work back to his feet.

Blaydes in half-guard and landing a few elbows to the head. Hunt again gets to his feet and Blaydes backs off before shooting in again and gets the takedown.