Nancy Pelosi Made an Eight-Hour House Speech to Defend DACA

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Pelosi's speech was the longest on record on the House floor, CNN quoted House Historian's office, as saying.

The House minority leader began her speech at 10:04 local time (4am NZT) - and did not finish until the evening.

"My colleagues, for the last eight hours, I have had the privilege of reading the testimony from so many Dreamers; I still have more", Pelosi said, laughing.

Americans "need a solution to immigration, which is long overdue", she said.

She also quoted from the Bible and Pope Francis, while Democrats took turns sitting behind her in support. Having originally refused to agree to any spending deal until there was a legislative fix for DACA, Mrs Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, enraged the Democrats' progressive caucuses when they abandoned that strategy in January.

"This agreement, which I fought very hard for numerous things that are in there and I think that it's a good bill", the California Democrat said on Capitol Hill. Pelosi has been sharing statements from DACA recipients about themselves and their successes in the US. "I thought it was very powerful not only for me to hear a congresswoman telling my story on the floor of the United States house of representatives, but other Dreamers, too, were able to hear their own story there". "Esder's story is a ideal example of how valuable these young people are and the urgency for action". "They've been enriched ... by the greatness of our country".

And she kept speaking. Some Democrats, meanwhile, said they would oppose the bill unless Ryan committed to an open floor debate on legislation to protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has given Senate Democrats a similar promise, reiterating that he will ensure a "level playing field" for all sides of the immigration debate when the chamber takes up the issue next week.

"Without that commitment from Speaker Ryan, comparable to the commitment from Leader McConnell, this package does not have my support, nor does it have the support of a large number of members of our caucus".

If the live stream above goes down for any reason, we have another one below. So maybe it's time to get rid of it?

The aide told Evangelista to tune in to Pelosi's 8-hour-long speech later that day in support of Dreamers. "Nobody gets sanctuary from the law in this town, I don't care what color you are or where you're from".

"Please know that we are committed to getting this done".

Pelosi continued to speak well after Senate leaders announced an agreement that would add about $400 billion in federal spending over the next two years, delivering the military funding boost Trump demanded alongside the increase in domestic programs that Democrats sought.