Tickets for State of the Union misspelled to say Uniom

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Trump has also said he'd unveil a $1 trillion infrastructure plan at the State of the Union address.

The glowing reviews from that February 28, 2017, address are likely still on Trump's mind.

But the speech comes as Congress has failed to negotiate and pass a budget for fiscal year 2017, which began October 1, and faces a February 8 deadline to iron-out differences and lift spending caps or pass another stopgap bill to keep the government open.

This time, though, Trump will seek to make the positive headlines stick.

"My analysis, however, is that my highest contribution -- in these extraordinary times and circumstances where President Trump is himself breaking all established precedents to serve very narrow and self-serving interests -- is to stand up to declare that I profoundly disagree with his approach and his unacceptable behavior", Jayapal wrote. "We want him to know we want to work with him".

Part of Trump's goal in the speech is to set the course of the debate as Republicans look to retain their majority in Congress. The conventional move would to be focus on policy; politicians typically avoid talking about scandals they're involved in or tied to.

The guests are among the almost 700,000 people who received protection from deportation under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The order protected some 800,000 illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children. Trump called that "fake news", while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week. That was the case last week, when the New York Times reported that Trump ordered Mueller's firing a year ago, before changing his mind after White House counsel Don McGahn said he would resign before carrying out the order. Trump will also ask for funding for the wall along the southern border. And they'll argue, further, that those deep corporate tax cuts will benefit the rich far more than middle- or lower-class Americans.

"The theme of the State of the Union is building a safe, strong, and proud America", reporters were told at the White House in a Friday background briefing. "A must watch", Howard Dean, a former governor, Democratic National Committee chairman and onetime presidential candidate, tweeted at the time.

Buttering up Congress could help Trump if one of the chambers goes to the Democrats in the fall.

Representative Raúl M. Grijalva, Democrat of Arizona, took the opportunity to criticize Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, whose office has had its own spelling problems.

Kennedy, 39, is chair of the Congressional Transgender Equality Task Force and has been outspoken in his criticism of Trump's anti-LGBT policies, including the proposed ban on trans people in the Armed Forces.

The Left is still riled up.

Trump unveiled an immigration plan last week that drew opposition from liberals and conservatives, alike. But Trump often chooses a more different approach, lashing out at critics when he feels he is being unfairly attacked.