Trump to Loosen Restrictions on Use of Nukes

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Russian Federation has advantages over the United States and its allies in the production of nuclear weapons, the unclassified part of the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) obtained by Huffington Post reads, Sputnik reports. It is the first review of its kind since 2010 and is among several studies of security strategy undertaken since Trump took office.

However veteran nuclear launch officer, Dr. Bruce Blair, who founded Global Zero to eliminate nuclear weapons said he could no longer watch as President Trump "holds us all hostage to his petulant mood swings".

Now it appears that a new, Pentagon-led Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) will seek to formally shift US nuclear strategy to align with Trump's more aggressive nuclear notions.

The NPR also expands the circumstances in which the USA might use its nuclear arsenal, to include a response to a non-nuclear attack that caused mass casualties, or was aimed at critical infrastructure or nuclear command and control sites.

The new weapons could add additional costs to what already promised to be a very expensive bill to modernize the nuclear arsenal, most of which is decades old.

The Trump administration's fiscal 2018 Stockpile Stewardship and Management Plan reports that "there is no current requirement to conduct an underground nuclear test to maintain certification of any nuclear warhead", but it also says that "the fundamental approach taken to achieve test readiness has also changed".

He also cautioned against moves to broaden the circumstances in which nuclear weapons would be used. If systems went down, then a country believing it is under attack, when it isn't, could launch deadly nuclear warheads by mistake.

The Pentagon believes in strengthening the nuclear triad as a mean to deter conflict in what is described as "a critical moment in our nation's history", and a "more complex and demanding" global security environment than any since the end of the Cold War.

Malicious programs to sabotage or damage the deterrent could also be secretly hidden in nuclear systems when new parts are being designed and made. "The gloves are off".

The Donald Trump administration is planning to develop a smaller low-yield nuclear weapon that can be mounted on US Trident missiles, a formal official who was privy to the draft of a policy review, revealed. It also calls for tighter integration of US nuclear and conventional forces, which deliberately blurs the line between them and eliminates a clear nuclear firewall.

President Trump receives a bomber jacket from the U.S. Pacific Air Forces in Japan.

It follows a similar letter calling for restrictions on the nuclear chain of command written while Trump was on the campaign trail. They worry the nuclear-capable aircraft that are now the only Europe-based nuclear force to counter Russia have become less credible, in part because they may be vulnerable to Russian air defenses.

However, the researchers said cyber risks in nuclear weapons systems have so far received scant attention from the nuclear weapons policy community.

"This is not meant to, nor does it, enable 'nuclear war-fighting, '" the draft report said. Despite the nickname, the warheads would still likely pack a punch larger than the explosions that leveled the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.