GMA Shares First Look at Taylor Swift's 'End Game' Music Video

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The montage for Taylor Swift's "End Game", released last night, marks the first time in her music videos the artist has ever been filmed drinking at a bar. The visuals features Taylor and her collaborators traveling between Miami, London and Tokyo.

Alas, Swift did not make amends with her foe aboard the yacht she dances on in Miami; the dancer turns out to be just another girl with a bleach blonde pixie cut. "Ready For It?" music video and the symbolic "Look What You Made Me Do". However, when preparing for her Reputation-era "rebrand", Taylor thoroughly reclaimed the snake, and her fans began to post it on Kim's social channel. "End Game" isn't as analytical as the others but it showcases Swift living her best life, and letting the fans know that the old Taylor really isn't dead, she's just grown up. In the next scene, Swift hops on a red double decker bus with friends in London. As usual, a new taytay video = hidden messages. On the song she yearns to be some dude's "end game", and get all his attention.

In addition to the new video, Taylor Swift's massive Reputation tour kicks off May 8 in Glendale, Arizona.

In case you forgot what song you were watching the music video for, Taylor reminded you yet again by putting "End Game" on a juice box, written again in Japanese. Affable and spacious, "End Game" stands out on an album primarily defined by an atmosphere of chilly, brittle isolation.

The video is set to debut at midnight ET, later today!