Samsung's upcoming smartphones to feature unlocked FM chips

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One such company is Samsung who will be partnering with NextRadio to officially unlock the FM chip in new phones, thus eliminating the need for users to take advantage of sketchy workarounds.

Either way, it's important to remember not just the convenience of the 1933-invented FM radio broadcasting technology, but also its vital potential of conveying life-saving information in emergency situations. According to an official statement, Samsung is the newest smartphone maker that supports NextRadio by unlocking the FM Radio chip in all the upcoming mobile phones in the United States and Canada.

FM radio has declined in popularity due to the advent of music apps and streaming services, but a considerable number of smartphones still contain the chip that allows handsets to broadcast radio signals. Founded in 2013, TagStation, LLC is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with offices in Indianapolis and Chicago, IL. FM stations can give people critical information even if a storm wipes out the local Internet infrastructure.

Many in developing countries rely on FM radio access on smartphones.

Several smartphones, including all iPhone models before the iPhone 7, come with hardware capable of receiving FM radio signals, but this hardware is usually deactivated. LG announced recently that it was going to unlock the FM chips on its handsets a few months back in partnership with NextRadio. It is simply a matter of smartphone manufacturers enabling the chip for that functionality. APPLE has contended that there is no such tuner chip in recent editions of the iPHONE, a contention challenged by radio interests supporting the chip's deployment.