Cindy Crawford drinks Pepsi once again - with her son

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After 26 years, supermodel Cindy Crawford is reuniting with Pepsi in "This is The Pepsi" TV advertisement debuting during Super Bowl LII. "This time of year it always gets featured in the roundups of the Best Super Bowl Commercials ever", she said, "and every January I revisit my original Pepsi spot that I just love because the music was ideal, and the little boys were flawless and it was just one of those commercials that everyone loved and it made people happy".

Perhaps one of the most anticipated moments of the "Pepsi Generations" campaign is the return of supermodel Cindy Crawford.

The new Super Bowl advert is called "This Is The Pepsi", and is part of the drinks company's "Pepsi Generation" campaigning honouring its 120-year history and its place in pop culture.

In the original commercial from 1992 Crawford pulls up to a gas station in a Lamborghini and steps out in a white tank top and jean shorts to buy a Pepsi from the machine.

Plus! In keeping with their return to their retro roots, the brand is bringing back its original can design from the era.

Pepsi will try to recapture that magic by bringing Crawford back for another Super Bowl commercial this year. Crawford takes a long sip and when she lowers the can from her lips, one of them murmurs, "Is that a great new Pepsi can or what?" For Cindy, this was a wonderful opportunity to not just take a trip down memory lane, but to also work with her son. This time, she'll have her 18-year-old son, Presley Gerber, at her side.

"We drove to work together, we shared a trailer, and just as a mom watching him perform, I was the proud stage mom standing by the monitor", she added.

The spot, called "This Is the Pepsi", features the return of the red sports vehicle, the small town gas station, Crawford's big hair whipping in the wind, and even the jean cut-offs. "I hope it gives people that warm, fuzzy feeling".

"It's me being sexy and getting out of a auto, but with these little boys kind of looking", she said, explaining the Super Bowl spot. "It's like an easy Halloween costume". "I said, 'Your time will come honey don't worry.' I think it would be fun for her to get to really re-create my original spot".

Crawford's modeling talents have not only extended to her son - her 16-year-old daughter graces the February cover of Vogue Paris.