Meghan Markle Debuts Messy Bun During Royal Outting

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Meghan Markle's sister, Samantha Grant, argues that her upcoming book about growing up with Meghan is not an attempt to "cash-in" but that she has a service to "share information that is socially and historically valuable".

Ever since the marriage date was confirmed, fans are curious to know if Thomas will walk Meghan down the aisle at the royal wedding.

During a radio interview on Wednesday, the Duke of Cambridge addressed the speculation he'd already agreed to be best man.

A rumor that Meghan Markle's parents are feuding with Prince Harry's family has been debunked. Cardiff Castle is hosting the Welsh Culture Festival and during their tour of the castle, Prince Harry and Meghan will hear performances from musicians and poets.

Diplomatic concerns are the reason the president of the United States probably won't receive an invitation to the royal wedding, says the author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story.

But he revealed: "He hasn't asked me yet, just to clear that up".

Prince William won't have to start writing his best man speech anytime soon by the sound of things.

Given the fact Markle hadn't posted anything in a while, it was only a matter of time before she finally shut them down. But once Kensington Palace released a royal decree-that was the equivalent of Chris Crocker telling people to leave Britney alone in regards to his new girlfriend-it became obvious that his union with Markle was going to last. Here, the Life Bites podcast explores how to work through them. Much like her future sister-in-law's influence on fashion, the "Meghan Effect" means that items the star chooses to wear - Canadian and otherwise - seldom remain on racks.

The suspected candidates include stylist Jessica Mulroney, actress Priyanka Chopra, and tennis superstar Serena Williams.

According to Larcombe, you can expect Markle's family and her close friends in Hollywood to get the nod. Her Facebook page had almost 800,000 likes. "She is acting like a normal person, yes she is marrying royality but she is still human".

It is likely, however, that Prince George and Prince Charlotte will nab roles in the ceremony.