Ikea ad reveals coupon when pregnant women pee on it

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The advert itself was created for Ikea in collaboration with Mercene Labs by Swedish marketing agency Åkestam Holst.

If your urine shows you're pregnant, a coupon appears good toward a discount on a crib. "As a starting point we used pregnancy test sticks". Ad week writes that it may be "a bit gross.but there's a fun twist".

More complex is the technology to make it happen. The Swedish furniture retailer is running a crib ad, asking women to urinate on the page in order to learn whether they qualify for a discount.

The print ad in question works as a pregnancy test, except that rather than revealing a symbol, it reveals text relating to one of the company's products.

The firm said it helps "customers in developing devices for life science and medical diagnostic applications".

So Mercene started with "carefully selected materials".

Don't worry about being confused by the jargon.

The popular home brand recently released a magazine ad that reads, "Peeing on this ad may change your life".

The idea behind that campaign was that the owner attached to the leash would be drawn to spot a larger ad at his or her own eye level.

The ad is running in Amelia magazine, one of Sweden's most influential magazines for women, and was thought up by Swedish agency Åkestam Holst, which had some unbelievable strategies in the past (like renaming products to show how they can fix marriages) and was even Adweek's International Agency of the Year for 2017.

No information is available on whether the campaign will run in other countries.