Why Is Kylie Jenner Keeping Her Pregnancy A Secret?

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After spending a majority of her life in front of cameras, Jenner wants to keep this special time to herself.

This week, two new episodes of KUWTK will be aired, one on Sunday as usual and a bonus episode on Monday. Although it is not yet revealed what is happening, the family's surprised looks hint that it is a huge shocker.

While the world is still waiting for the official word on Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, the Kardashians appear to be enjoying driving us completely and utterly mad.

The "Life of Kylie" star, who first started dating Scott in April, began to take a step back from the spotlight in September, after news of her pregnancy was first reported. In fact, Kourtney is seen exclaiming, "Oh my God!" to her surprise.

Making things worse, she's so insecure that she doesn't even want baby daddy Travis Scott looking her way.

Another reason Kylie's managed to control the narrative of her own pregnancy - rather than have it manipulated by someone else as a PR move - is due to her strong-willed personality. The rumor mill revealed that she has been dumped by the father of her alleged baby, #Travis Scott. Now, she is thinking to move to NY to start anew. "This is a decision she made early on in her pregnancy and she's sticking by it", an insider said regarding Jenner's decision to keep her pregnancy private. Looks like Kylie is confirming her pregnancy the good old fashion Kris Jenner way, on the family's show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Allegedly, the "Goosebumps" hitmaker said, he "can't do this anymore". "She spent her adolescent life on television and has been famous for over 10 years now", says the source. According to a source close to the family, Jenner has been remaining silent and out of sight because she's savoring the opportunity to press pause on her fame.