Retro Game Boy console remake due out this year

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Now codenamed the Ultra Game Boy, the new version of the famous portable is being made by Hyperkin and features mod-cons such as a backlit screen and an aluminium housing.

The Ultra Game Boy is made out of textured aluminum instead of plastic, and, yes, it comes with a backlit screen (which is now blueish instead of green).

According to Gizmodo, the Ultra Game Boy will be a handheld console that will be able to play original Game Boy cartridges, but with some improvements.

We doubt that Nintendo is going to release a Game Boy Classic Edition given some of the logistical impracticalities of that arrangement - and the fact that the Switch and 3DS are more appealing venues for Game Boy games - so those who crave the feel of a classic Game Boy may want to consider this remodel. Hyperkin gave Gizmondo a peek at the new hardware at CES 2018, and, at first glance, it pretty much looks like a straight-up Game Boy clone (get a better look here). There will also be an option to turn off the backlight for a more authentic Game Boy experience.

Then there's the sound system, which will include stereo speakers and two audio-out connections, reportedly as part of an effort to help electronic musicians generate high-quality songs from the device (yeah, people actually do that). Oh, and you won't have to worry about AA batteries either - the system comes with a built-in battery pack that will last for up to six hours. It seems unlikely that a Classic edition of the Game Boy is next in line for Nintendo, however, as the company has other consoles it could make (a miniature Nintendo 64, anyone?).

The retro gaming specialists at Hyperkin are back at it. But it's not clear yet if it will provide emulator-style benefits like Super Game Boy color palettes, save states, and the ability to save ROM images of your actual cartridges.

The Ultra Game Boy is due out in the late summer for somewhere under $100 (£74).