Federal judge temporarily blocks Trump administration's plan to end DACA

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Ryan said that bipartisan negotiations are also ongoing to figure out an extension for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and a package to lift spending caps.

President Trump is now negotiating with lawmakers over immigration reform, which includes his campaign promise of a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border, while Democrats are pushing to protect immigrants under DACA.

The bipartisan meeting over DACA on Tuesday faces challenges as Republicans and Democrats try to reach consensus on a spending bill by a January 19 deadline.

In a victory for Dreamers nationwide, a San Francisco judge on Tuesday blocked the Trump administration's rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, ordering the administration to resume accepting DACA applications as the underlying case continues in federal court.

But Republicans claim Democrats won't back a long-term spending plan until Congress agrees to shield hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

"If you only build a wall, only a 'wall, ' without using technology, individuals, drones, observations, etc., you're not going to secure the border", Sen. President Donald Trump told reporters Monday during a bipartisan meeting on DACA that a bill to be introduced by Goodlatte would be a "bill of love".

The development comes as the White House and lawmakers are wrangling over immigration reform, with Democrats demanding protections for Dreamers. "The parents that we presume they brought them here that we're not talking about now, they don't wanna deport them either". DACA has protected about 800,000 people from deportation - including many who were brought to the USA illegally as children.

Yet Democrats and Republicans are still far apart on border security and other immigration provisions that would be needed to clinch a deal on the matter. Democrats have threatened to withhold those votes without an immigration agreement.

The wall now represents a complicated political question for Republicans and Democrats.

"Drugs are pouring into our country at a record pace, a lot of people are coming in that we can't have", Trump said. "These are good kids and we should want to help them to develop their God-given potentials, to keep their families together and to make their own contribution to the American dream". "Any solution has to include the wall, because without the wall, it all doesn't work".

"If those things are in place when the DACA recipients get their benefits, I think most of these members would have ample cover", Mehlman said.

"The point is that we need a total reform of our immigration system, and it should not be tied to the current debate over DACA and the 'Dreamers, '" he added.