Kia Niro EV shoots for 200-plus-mile range

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Inside, the car's modern interior gets backlit perforated leather trim and Kia's new HMI infotainment system, which features face and voice-recognition technology to improve security.

If that 238-mile figure sounds familiar, it's because that's the rated range of the 2017 and 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV-the longest-range affordable electric auto you can drive out of a dealership today.

At the now on-going Consumer Electronic Show, Kia introduced the Niro EV Concept. Plus its new "ACE" strategy will also make its cars more Autonomous, Connected and Eco/Electric. The automaker says its green line-up will consist of a mixture of different electrified powertrains, from entirely battery-electric through hybrids and even a fuel-cell auto. Kia's fuel SUV will arrive in 2020. Things like pedestrian warning system which doesn't alert you to rogue humans crossing into the car's path, but warns them. Although, even without the LED badging at the rear, the all-electric concept vehicle's styling cues are consistent with the Niro's design language - from the shape of the rear hatch to the distinct front fenders.

The study is powered by a next-generation EV powertrain that will be utilized in future EVs from Kia.

Power comes from a 64-kilowatt-hour lithium-polymer battery pack and a 150-kW electric motor. An Active Pedestrian Warning System on the show auto uses a variety of sensors to spot potential "obstacles" and can sound an alert if a pedestrian walks in front of the vehicle.

Kia Niro EV shoots for 200-plus-mile range
Kia Niro EV shoots for 200-plus-mile range

Under the Connected pillar, Kia will offer connected technology in every market segment by 2025, with every single model featuring such systems by 2030. Dr Woong-chul Yung, the head of Kia's R&D centre, called it a manifesto "where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the infinite value that future mobility will bring".

Kia also wants to adopt connected vehicle technologies across every segment in its range by 2025.

"Virtual reality, self-driving cars, and full vehicle connectivity were all once considered technologies of the distant future".

At CES 2018, Kia actually presented several new autonomous driving technologies, which it intends to test on roads beginning in 2021, as well as the world's first 5G connection for cars.