CES 2018 : Vivo Displays Fingerprint Scanner On Smartphone Display

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At CES 2018, smartphone maker Vivo unveiled the world's first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner.

Many top-leading smartphone companies have been rumoured to make an innovative breakthrough movement with a fingerprint scanner mounted under the display.

The sensor will be between the OLED display and the mainboard. However, Vivo, last year, had teased a video with a "UnderDisplay" fingerprint scanner which is apparently innovative and could save some space for the fingerprint scanner on smartphone body.

In July 2017, the China-based company teamed up with Qualcomm to demo an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor - one of the first commercial examples of in-display fingerprint scanning.

As for the technology behind it, Vivo provided the scheme above, which coincides with Synaptics Clear ID FS9500 sensor workings, aided by a dedicated interface that lights up when finger scanning is needed, but stays put when you are using the phone in a regular manner. Vivo has not given details on the actual smartphone name, but this model comes with the new fingerprint technology, which can be placed under the display.

It's a similar story with Samsung's latest flagship smartphones, although it has shifted the fingerprint sensor to the rear of its devices rather than dispense with it completely. It is also worth mentioning that a fingerprint scanner cannot offer the same level of security of a well-made 3D facial recognition technology or iris scanner, which can recognize more unique elements in the face of the user. The upcoming smartphone in all likelihood will feature in-screen fingerprint sensor from Synaptics.

Possible reports point out that Vivo finally showcases the next-gen. biometric scanning technology implemented in Vivo smartphone and has been developed by Synaptics. According to a press statement from the company, this smartphone with the new fingerprint scanner technology is "ready-to-produce". Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, an upcoming DOOGEE smartphone was leaked which was said to become the first device to achieve the technology.