Amazon Founder, WashPo Owner Jeff Bezos the Richest Man in History

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Shares in Amazon hit an all-time high on Monday, which lifted Bezos' net worth to a record $105.1billion, according to Bloomberg.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO's, is now the richest person of all time, eclipsing the record previously held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Forbes, another media conglomerate who tracks the net worths of the world's richest, estimated that Bezos's fortune is at $104.4 billion, which is almost parallel with Bloomberg's projections. He has given away nearly 700 million Microsoft shares and $2.9 billion of cash and other assets since 1996, according to an analysis of his publicly disclosed giving.

Forbes, another publication that tracks the net worth of the world's richest people, also has Bezos in the top position with a net worth of $104.5 billion.

Bezos who also owns controlling shares in Blue Origin and the Washington Post, grabbed the title of world's richest person in July, when he briefly passed Bill Gates. Forbes reports that with inflation, that would be worth around a whopping $150 billion.

Amazon's share price, and therefore Bezos' net worth, has jumped significantly since September.

As CNN highlights, Gates would be worth far more than Bezos if it weren't for his significant charitable donations.

Warren Buffett is third in net worth at $87.2 billion, followed by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg ($77.5 billion) and Amancio Ortega of Spain ($76 billion), Bloomberg reported.