Samsung Unveils The Wall, World's First Modular MicroLED 146-inch TV

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No pricing, or resolution, has been announced, but Samsung says its MicroLED TV will ship sometime this year.

The Wall TV, which is clearly not going to sell mainstream at that 146-inch size, is showing what the future of televisions could offer.

'It can be customised to any size and delivers incredible brightness, colour gamut, colour volume and black levels.

When there's a 146-inch MicroLED elephant in the room, it can be hard to see anything else, but it would be a mistake to overlook Samsung's 85-inch 8K Q9S QLED TV. The Wall of Samsung is not restricted to resolution or form either, being a "self-emitting" TV having micrometer scale LEDs that are way smaller than present LEDs.

Of course, that party trick would be all but useless if the TV were stuck with grainy visuals - fortunately, it seems that's not the case with Samsung boasting about the MicroLED technology (right in the image above) doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

MicroLED screens are also supposed to be more durable and efficient, and they're supposed to set "the standard for future screen technology", according to the company.

At CES, Samsung also featured the world's first QLED TV featuring 8K AI technology, which will be launched internationally, starting with Korea and the USA during the second half of 2018. This AI technology upscales standard definition content to 8K resolution.

Samsung has also created what it describes as "AI Upscaling", and as with today's 4K/UHD displays which can usefully upscale "ordinary" HD to near 4K quality, Samsung will use similar technology tricks to boost 4K to 8K visibility. It packs an 8K resolution regardless of its size.

Amongst the slew of giant screens, all Ultra-HD and usually HDR or Dolby Vision-equipped, few expected South Korean electronics giant Samsung to do much at CES 2018 that was truly spectacular. The Wall is one of the new smart TVs from Samsung that will come with the company's Bixby digital assistant. Samsung is also keeping quiet about the technical aspects of how these multiple panels will connect, or what kind of software will support the varied resolutions and shapes offered by the modular design. It offers a simpler way to control the television and sync with other devices. This year will further see the launch of Universal Guide that can readily recommend TV programs as per user preference. What it may also mean is a more affordable way of achieving that quality. These areas gave guests at First Look 2018 the chance to get hands-on Samsung's most exciting innovations in TV.