RED SPARROW: New Trailer and Poster Released For Jennifer Lawrence Spy Thriller!

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Check out the Red Sparrow trailer below. Based on the novel by Jason Matthews, the movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and depicts the transformation of a Russian ballerina into a weapon highly trained in psychological manipulation.

Willing to do anything to protect her mother, Dominika goes along with it.

A handsome young woman with considerable ballerina training is transformed by her nefarious Russian superiors (through a covert-ops program) to be a world-class assassin and spy.

Dominika endures a perverse and sadistic training process, and emerges as the most risky, seductive and manipulative Sparrow the program has ever produced. At some point, she's put on the case of a possible Russian defector, but it seems that along the way she falls for an American CIA agent played by Joel Edgerton-a mere 16 years older than Lawrence, if you were keeping track.

Red Sparrow is on fleek! See the poster below. "And that's what this story is".

The full Red Sparrow trailer builds on the wonderfully ominous teaser, this time detailing the backstory of Lawrence's character, Dominika Egorova. Nash gives her the option to deflect from what she never wanted to be. Once she's in the sparrow program, however, Dominika finds the real battle isn't for country - it's to retain her soul, as the program tries to strip it away from her. Gradually, she comes to question the very nature of what her handlers have taught her about the world.

In the above clip, Lawrence's heroine is compelled to become a Soviet spy to save her mother - a job that involves her having to repeatedly take off her clothes and use sex to deal with her targets.

Just because Red Sparrow follows the recent trend of female-led action movies, audiences are quick to compare them against each other - something that isn't usually done for the millions of similar male action movies.