Brad Pitt Bid $120000 to Watch 'Game of Thrones' With Emilia Clarke

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Brad Pitt is on the verge of becoming single again, so it's no surprise he's looking for some companionship.

It was a busy night for GoT's Emilia and Kit, after they offer up their company for one night only (not like that) to a lucky bidder for the chance to watch an episode of their show together.

The identity of the victor bidder, who paid $160,000 to watch a Game of Thrones episode with Clarke, was not mentioned in the report.

According to a Variety report, the actor ponied up $120,000 at a charity gala to watch an episode of hit HBO series with star Emilia Clarke, only to be outbid by an unnamed individual. But as it turned out, [Kit] Harington had stepped out of the gala to go to the restroom. Harrington had been in the bathroom when the bidding began, but when he returned to the room Brad outbid HIMSELF and upped the ante to $90k.

Pitt initially bid $80,000, then increased that to $90,000.

The winning bid was $160,000, a number which was, apparently, Pitt's limit.

However, while Brad Pitt's generous bid was substantial, the actor eventually lost out to a true GOT fan who was willing to spend $160,000 on the prize. [Pitt] later offered $120,000 ($152,700 AUD approx.) and raised his arms in excitement but was out at $150,000 ($190,875 AUD approx.).