United Airlines Flight from Chicago Diverted to Alaska Over 'Disruptive Passenger'

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United Airlines flight 895 from Chicago to Hong Kong was not even halfway through its flight when it was forced to land due to a "passenger smearing feces everywhere", according to Ted Stevens International Airport Police.

In 2017, a Delta flight was rerouted when a passenger punched a flight attendant while a Trump supporter was banned from Delta Airlines after going on an anti-Clinton rant. He also took off a shirt he was wearing and tried to flush it down a toilet.

An unstable United Airlines passenger made the trip from Chicago to Hong Kong stink for flyers after he reportedly smeared feces all over the plane's bathrooms. The man was not arrested, but was taken to a nearby hospital to undergo a mental evaluation.

The Boeing 777 ended up having to be grounded overnight whilst the aircraft was disinfected and cleaned up. "We provided hotel accommodations for our customers and are working to get them to their destinations as quickly as possible".

No one was injured during the incident, KTUU reports.

"After the interviews were done, there were no appropriate charges for anything criminal", airport police Lt. Joe Gamache was quoted by the paper as saying. But, according to the translator, the man was incoherent, officials said.