Belieb it: Justin's getting his own museum exhibit

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Special momentos from Justin Bieber's childhood such as a Grammy Award, a hockey jacket, and more will go on display next month.

The Justin Bieber "Steps to Stardom" exhibit is set to debut on February 18.

The exhibit's title was inspired by Bieber's early years busking on the steps of the local Avon Theatre as a kid.

The exhibit was put together by the curators at the museum and Justin's grandparents Diane and Bruce.

Amongst the collection of personal and professional memorabilia featured in "Steps to Stardoms" are items like Bieber's old hockey bag and Stratford Warriors junior hockey jersey, running shoes, T-shirts, letters, photographs, microphones and backstage credentials.

Many visitors have come to this small city in Canada for years to see just where Justin Bieber got his start.

Initially starting as a collection of 125 items, the selection of items was narrowed down to about 75 pieces that would be put on display.

According to the museum's general manager, John Kastner, the exhibit was given the green light by Bieber himself over a meeting at a Tim Hortons in Stratford.

Kastner said he had considered assembling a Bieber exhibit for a while.

"I started to think about Justin Bieber and people like that", Kastner said. They store almost all of his award trophies in Stratford and have accumulated piles of hockey jerseys given to the singer by famous sports players and stadiums around the world, Kastner said.

Organizers hope "Steps to Stardom" will have a similar appeal to Bieber's loyal fan base, but also draw more casual music fans.

"We...had a very brief conversation with him here, and he was very appreciative - couldn't have been nicer", Kastner said to the Stratford Beacon, adding that Bieber, "expressed how much he appreciated the fact that the museum was doing an exhibit".

"I think it's a job for museums to tell stories and this is a great story".