Third-party hardware accessory manufacturer Mad Catz is back in the game

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Gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz has come back to life but not as you remember it. After gambling big on Rock Band 4 - both producing the peripherals for, and contributing to publishing duties - the company was forced to shed huge swathes of its workforce, and all but shut down following that announcement.

Most gamers remember Mad Catz as the company behind numerous...cheaper versions for most console controllers, so it's likely that company will have a bit of work ahead of them as they strive to re-market themselves as a seller of high-quality goods. A teaser video for the resurrection of Mad Catz can be seen below.

At CES 2018, Mad Catz will be previewing the first products in the new range, a line of all-new PC gaming hardware including new R.A.T. mice, S.T.R.I.K.E. keyboards, F.R.E.Q. gaming headsets and G.L.I.D.E. gaming surfaces.

The company declared bankruptcy in 2017, at which time many of its assets were purchased by an unnamed Chinese holding company that has now spun them off into a new entity called "Mad Catz Global Limited". After liquidation, the company officially close up shop, but apparently, some former employees on the manufacturing side (in China) made a decision to pick up the pieces and keep on trucking as Mad Catz Global Limited and will be based out of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The reborn Mad Catz brand is focusing on its old designs like the R.A.T series of gaming mice.

CNET confirms that Mad Catz will be making a return this year, and their grand reentering into the world of gaming products is expected to take place at CES in Las Vegas early next week. Mad Catz has been a permanent fixture in gaming for nearly three decades and we firmly believe its best days lie ahead, ' claims Selena Chang, Mad Catz' incoming director of sales and operations. This likely won't be the same Mad Catz that sold you the cheap Dreamcast controller that you always let your friends use, or the tiny, see-through GameCube controller that your younger family loved for letting them play the same games you played. The director continued to state that "we're already working on delivering products which we believe will enhance gamers' abilities and do justice to the Mad Catz name".

Mad Catz Global Limited is a global provider of innovative interactive gaming and entertainment products.

CES 2018 runs from January 9 to January 12, so we'll get to see the new lineup very soon.