Samsung Will Highlight 3 New C-Lab Projects at CES 2018

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The GoBreath consists of a portable device and mobile app which then teaches patients basic breathing techniques such as inspiration, coughing or deep breathing, and it's helped his patients recover faster than normal.

This is a recovery solution for those who are facing lung damage or are suffering from postoperative pulmonary complications after general anesthesia.

Developed by Samsung's C-Lab, the S-Ray technology will be demonstrated at the CES technology show, which kicks off in Las Vegas later this week. Relumino is the smart glass for users that are meant for people who are suffering from vision challenges. "There are exercise guidelines and progress trackers to see the difference in recovery in the app. GoBreath further offers web and cloud service for doctors to monitor patients" progress and to set reminders for practice. Various modes help people better distinguish the outlines of objects, read by inverting text, moving blind spots, and reducing glare. Pair the glasses with a smartphone and they'll translate video from a built-in camera into easier-to-see pictures on their display. They use the phone's processors and battery, eliminating the need for a bulky battery pack and keeping the Relúmĭno glasses light and comfortable to wear.

The first of the new Samsung C-Lab projects is that of S-Ray or Sound-Ray, which is a portable directional speaker.

It's not just LG that wants to tell the world what it's doing, as Samsung spills the beans on some experimental and innovative projects. The company can decide whether or not to spin out the projects, or they can be spun out to an independent business. It's just a tease - and not something we're likely to see released anytime soon - but it's an exciting glimpse at how AR could bring about huge changes in differently-abled people's lives. Creative Lab, program, you might actually find some of the strangest and sometimes impressive things innovation can produce.

Like any innovation program, not all C-Lab projects make it out of the prototype stage, no matter how refined.

Seven startups which did spin off from C-Lab will also participate in CES, including LINKFLOW, Kitten Planet, lululab, KIDSOFT, Mangoslab, Innomdle lab, and analogue plus.