John Williams to Compose New Theme for Solo

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Michael Giacchino scored 2016's Rogue One.

'Star Wars' veteran John Williams will be returning to the franchise for next year's 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'. This will be the ninth Star Wars film that Williams has worked on to date.

While John Powell will be composing the score for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, he's going to have a little bit of help with the film's theme. Powell received an Oscar nomination for his score for the animated How to Train your Dragon.

"His assignment is something I'm very happy about", Williams told the site. Director Ron Howard took to his Twitter to wish all Star Wars fans a Happy New Year by sharing a new behind-the-scenes shot from his anthology film. "He will write all the rest of the themes and all of the other material, which I'm going to be very anxious to hear", he said.

John Williams has been long associated with the Star Wars franchise. The main theme that plays during the opening of every Star Wars film (when the opening crawl plays) is probably one of the most recognisable tunes in cinema. Whatever the reason I'm happy to see Williams join the project and I can't imagine anyone is complaining about his inclusion (except for maybe Powell).

Solo's music has previously been described as "in the style of the original Star Wars movies but retain Powell's distinctive voice".

One question I have is whether John Powell's work on the Han Solo movie score is being worked on independently without hearing John Williams' new theme or if Powell will let that theme influence the rest of the score.

Lucasfilm Ltd.A promotional photo of Han Solo as portrayed by Harrison Ford in the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

Astute fans can instantly notice the fact that these don't look like the controls of Han Solo's iconic spaceship, the Millennium Falcon.