Travis Scott Reportedly Dumped Kylie Jenner on Christmas Day

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As you may already be aware, Kylie Jenner is really close to her due date, but it looks like Travis Scott dumped her before he could even meet their baby!

Well, we must say that Kendall looks absolutely stunning in her peplum style dress, but her picture leaves fans in a dilemma whether she following her pregnant sisters' footsteps and having a baby of her own in her belly.

The outlet also claims Kylie is begging her beau to reconsider ahead of their baby's birth early next year. Fans rapidly started reacting on the photo, one user wrote, "peeped that photo kendall jenner just uploaded and i'm wondering if all the kardashian klan is pregnant".

Just when you think literally no stone has been left unturned when it comes to Kylie Jenner's reported pregnancy, another headline or five emerges.

Another fan even joked saying, "Are all the Kardashian's pregnant now?" Kendall is currently at the height of her career - back in November, she was crowned the highest-paid model of 2017, putting an end to Gisele Bundchen's streak - and even though she's been in a relationship with National Basketball Association star Blake Griffin since September, she isn't quite ready to start a family with the LA Clippers player right now.

Fans have spotted that they're rarely photographed together and while Jenner has remained away from the spotlight, the musician has been living it up with friends. The fans are asking why the 22-year-old Kendall showed off her body including her belly in a form-fitting polka dress in her December 29 Instagram post.

Kendall hasn't commented on the speculation as of yet, but she is reportedly dating basketball player Blake Griffin.

Exhibit B:"OMG Pics of Kylie Jenner's Baby Bump Have Just Surfaced", images of Kylie Jenner placing her hand on a bump-like form in an oversized jacket, possibly from Jordyn Woods's birthday party in September, inferring that Kylie was "pretty far along" by this time.

Kylie has been keeping a low profile and removed herself from social media for the past few months as rumours began to swirl about her upcoming arrival.

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