Kodi Media Centre now available for Xbox One users

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This means you can use the Xbox One in lieu of an actual cable box or DVR, dropping the obnoxious rental fee you normally have to pay to providers like Comcast and Charter.

Kodi's recent availability for the Xbox One continues its legacy from the first Microsoft game system.

Microsoft bills GroupMe as a "he free and simple way to stay in touch with friends and family", and has it available for all major platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android and the web. But with just a couple days left until the new year, Xbox One owners got a pleasant surprise. Still, we guess it is often better to have and not need, than vice versa.

Things have come full circle and Kodi is finally back on the console that started it all. With help from Microsoft, the infant UWP version was born in July. In a statement, Kodi said that the app is still in its "early stages of development and has very rough edges".

Kodi for Xbox One is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. As of this writing there's limited access to only what's part of your Video and Music folders.

While Xbox One users will be happy that Kodi has returned as a media option, the hard conversion to UWP means that any Windows 10 device will be able to use it as well, including Windows phones, Surface Hub, and even HoloLens. There's no way to watch Blu-rays or any other disc because Kodi can't even see your optical drive. Network support is limited to only NFS:// shares. "There might still be problems with certain general python modules that are used by add-ons and we are finding and reporting them to the developers as testing progresses". There's no telling when or if every feature of Kodi will make its way to the Xbox One version, but the developers are working to make the app as complete as possible. One of the key strengths of Kodi is how customisable it is while remaining very easy and simple to use. I was, however, unable to connect my Drobo 5N2 storage/media streaming NAS but haven't looked into it that deeply yet.

Kodi is releasing its first official UWP client for the Xbox One today. XBMP eventually evolved into XBMC (Xbox Media Center), which then became Kodi. Knowing that the UWP version now only supports NFS, I'm hoping there's an easy way to hook into that from the Drobo for media streaming. What bugs or missing features have you found?