Jack in the Box Courts Cannabis Crowd With Merry Munchie Meal'

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Snoop Dogg is changing the munchie game by partnering with Jack in the Box to slang some of the dankest fast food you've ever ferociously stuffed in your face. For a while, the use of marijuana was strictly for patients with medicinal cards but come Monday, marijuana will be available to purchase for recreational use.

Snoop Dogg and Jack in the Box have something cooking in Cali-and no, unfortunately, it's not the return of two tacos for $0.99.

The "Merry Munchie Meal" will be available January 1 at three franchise locations in California, offering a smorgasbord of greasy items ― chicken strips, two tacos, five churros, french fries, onion rings and a small drink ― to alleviate the need to make a choice while high.

While Jack in the Box has over 2,200 restaurants nationwide, only those states with legalized marijuana may get the Merry Munchie Meal.

Jack In The Box has a history of catering to their stoner demographic.

It's a short-lived promotion and very limited, available from January 18-25 in just three locations in Snoop Dogg's hometown of Long Beach. If this goes well, there's a good chance this is just the beginning of a budding relationship between the fast food joint and the website. The price? Obviously, it's $4.20 - a nod to April 20, known as "Weed Day".

Find out more info about the Merry Munchie Meal here.