BattlEye has now banned over 1.5 million PUBG accounts for cheating

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This lets you play the mode as a one, two, or three-man squad without requiring you to team up with random players. Players can now go back and watch their previous games to confirm whether or not they were killed by someone who appears to be cheating.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds uses a service called BattlEye to detect cheaters and hand down bans. Plus, BattlEye has reported an ever-increasing number of bans in the last few months, resulting in a total of 50,000 in August, 300,000 in October, 700,000 in November, and now 1.5 million in December. Today, the game shattered its previous concurrent-players record by more than double the amount, peaking at 3,106,358 this morning, according to Valve's game-selling platform. Despite some might think this patch is rather mundane, it's just another example of how PUBG always hard at work on ensuring that players are enjoying both versions of the game as much as possible.

Not too shabby for a game that only recently exited beta.

That's a record that isn't likely to be broken anytime soon, and it wouldn't be all that shocking to see PUBG surpass four million concurrent players someday.