World Health Organization adds gaming disorder to 2018 mental health concern list

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However there's something about being able to play a character in a video game, such as Goldeneye, The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros. That includes personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other areas.

Specifically, the draft's language states that gaming behavior could be a disorder if it meets three characteristics: if a person loses control over their gaming habits, if they start to prioritize gaming over many other interests or activities, and if they continue playing despite clear negative consequences. This mental disorder is under the substance abuse and addictive behaviors category section.

According to the World Health Organization draft, the classification applies if the symptoms listed manifest over a period of at least 12 months in order for a proper diagnosis assignment.

Just has technology has evolved in that time, mental disorders have too - the draft of the upcoming list of health conditions includes criteria for an unnamed game-related disorder.

In another study, the following year, released by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, persistent video gaming was found to boost visual attention, but lessen impulse control. According to CBS, Husack "says the designation is long overdue and that addiction to video games is a hidden but widespread problem".

For others, however, the lure of video games can become an issue, hindering other aspects of their life and leading to addictive behaviors similar to those with an addiction to gambling.

The American Psychiatric Association had in its diagnostic manual of mental disorders in 2013 identified "Internet gaming disorder" as a condition warranting more clinical research and experience before it might be considered for inclusion as a formal disorder.

Gregory Hartl, a spokesman for the World Health Organization, said the new ICD-11 entry on gaming disorder "includes only a clinical description and not prevention and treatment options".

Martin believes online gaming, where there isn't necessarily a reset button and can lead to gaming times which can end up unlimited, are different than old school gaming he grew up on.