Black Lives Matter Activist Erica Garner In A Coma After Heart Attack

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"She's not gone, she's brain dead", Snipes told reporters.

"Devastating! Praying for Erica Garner + sending love + light to her family + friends", wrote Com in a Twitter post that included a link to the NY Daily News story.

Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, was declared braindead on Thursday after suffering a massive heart attack, the New York Daily News reports. Snipes said her daughter had given birth four months ago and during the pregnancy had learned that she had heart problems. Garner emerged as a fiery critic of the NYPD and police brutality after Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo killed her father in July 2014 using a chokehold-a technique the department had banned.

Update: Cat scan shows Erica suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest.

Garner has been in a coma since Saturday, when her asthma attack triggered a heart attack.

Social media users have sent Garner and her family prayers in hope that a miracle would happen.

Garner's father, Eric Garner, died while he was being arrested in Tompkinsville for allegedly selling loose cigarettes in 2014. Sanders offered his best wishes to Garner and her family on Tuesday, and praised her activism.

Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner. Below we feature Erica Garner, in her own words, from her interviews on Democracy Now!

"I can't really say it's a black and white issue", she said.

Public reaction to Garner's death contributed to the mounting national outrage of police brutality and helped foment the Black Lives Matter movement.