Galaxy Note 8 Has a Battery Problem of its Own

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Majority reported the same situation where they can't charge their phones after it had shut down because it ran out of battery.

According to some posts on forums, some Galaxy Note 8 users have been reporting that their phone won't switch on or charge once it has been through total battery drain, i.e. on 0%.

The issue could also stem from a software problem; although that would mean that it also affects users outside the US. More Samsung Galaxy S9 new will be revealed for the coming months. "Last night I let the battery die completely, and figured I'd just charge it later". Additionally, users don't want to spend more money on earphones than they do with their smartphones. But it does seem to be a trending phenomenon among Note 8 owners. Galaxy Note 8 was definitely one of the best phones released in 2017, but this issue will now make users think twice before purchasing a Samsung phone.

Another customer uploaded a video to YouTube, sharing his experience with his Sprint model. In other words, once the battery has been drained, you will not be able to recharge the battery again. This icon later disappeared, along with the LED indicator that typically lights up when the Note 8 is plugged in. So much was the problem that we even published a guide detailing how to spot if you had an explosion-prone Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I talked to Samsung customer support who told me to press different button combinations to reboot it/hard reset it- nothing worked because none of the buttons is responsive either. Others ditched Samsung's included fast charging adapter in favor of an alternative USB Type-C charger running at a lower voltage, which occasionally did the trick. Let us know your charging habits below. Samsung has been playing safe with its flagship smartphone series this year, specially after the massive backlash it received after last year's Note 7 fiasco.

It appears that this problem has started appearing as early as September.