Customize your Mini with personalized trim pieces

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British automotive company MINI has announced it will be launching a new customization service to its clients in 2018.

As part of the latest updates to the Mini Yours Customised programme you can now go online and design your own trim upgrades, with your own textures, 3D graphics and text - even in your own handwriting. Either way, Mini says it can deliver the personalised auto parts within a matter of weeks after they have been ordered. Customers can choose from five different colours plus numerous patterns and finishes, as well as text or even outlines of cityscapes. The plastic trim pieces can be unclipped and replaced with the new part, while the LED door sills are fixed using adhesive pads and the door projectors can be changed by replacing a slide on the underside of the door.

Mini expects that a lot of owners who try the customization program will opt to have the name they've given their vehicle, or their own name, etched into the custom pieces and LED projectors.

And once the custom fittings have been selected online, they will be sent to a MINI factory where they will be produced using innovative manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing and laser lettering. Buyers can choose the scale for the finishes and patterns as well.

The rims for the side indicator inlays known as side scuttles are manufactured in a 3D procedure and then painted in the color shade desired by the customer - Aspen White matte, Chili Red matte, Jet Black matte, Melting Silver matte or White Silver matte. 3D printing will also be used to offer customized interior trims.

All the Mini Yours Customised products are built at a production facility in Germany. It's also potentially a step toward more in-depth customization options in the future.

"The new MINI Yours Customised product range reaffirms the brand's position as a pioneer in offering new options, digital services and the establishment of innovative production processes", writes MINI.

"The exceptionally large diversity of special equipment and original Mini accessories already provides customers today with comprehensive opportunities to define unmistakable accents when designing their Mini", the company noted.